Get ready for school this summer

Get ready for school this summer

Start school happy

Do you have a preschooler? 

Would you like them to develop some key skills before starting school?

How wonderful to go in on that first day feeling like you belong.

What is Summer Camp?

Summer Camp is a two-week plan to get your child ready for school. It's a series of daily emails designed to help you cover the essential steps before that all-important first day.

How is Summer Camp different to Get Set Five?

Get Set Five is our flagship course to help your child get ready for school. It takes a year to complete and is packed full of ideas to enjoy over weeks and months.

If you find yourself short of time - like I did with my first child - Summer Camp covers the essentials.

Summer Camp

  • 2 Weeks: A shorter course for when you don't have time for the full experience.
  • Daily emails: Fun activities you can implement immediately
  • Bonus materials: A bundle of extra modules on deeper topics to read when you're ready

Get Set Five

  • 52 Weeks: The full course, at your pace
  • Weekly emails: Take the time to explore ideas in detail
  • Updates included: Lifetime membership includes all future updates  

A readymade plan

The planning is done for you. There’s no need to decide what to do today: it simply arrives in your inbox. No special resources, no time-consuming set-ups.

Manageable steps

Easy-to-do activities delivered via email in manageable, daily chunks.

The activities build upon each other until your child has all the skills they need.

Essential skills

Learning letters and numbers is important. But a happy start depends as much on being able to dress yourself, use a knife and fork and having a positive attitude.

"Competence is the foundation of happiness."
William Cobbett

Three simple steps

Get the email

Sign up and receive one daily email

Simple activities delivered to your inbox

No fluff, just sensible advice and ready-to-go activities 

Start school happy

Watch it all fall into place on that first day

It's not about being ahead or behind

It’s about getting the basics right, in a fun and pressure-free way. For example, how learning to draw a stick man will help your child to write her name or how pairing socks can encourage early maths.

Not for helicopter parents

Summer Camp is not about hothousing. It’s about making a happy start. It’s about feeling ‘suitable’.
 A fundamental goal of a school-start transition is to help young children feel suitable in school, that is, to have a feeling of well-being and belonging. 
Stig Brostrom, educationalist

Know that you're doing it right

Stop wasting time Googling activities

Is this activity any good? Will it help my child? How can I be sure? With Summer Camp it’s all taken care of. Sit back and enjoy your week. The next instalment will arrive automatically.

Take the guesswork out of learning

Summer Camp has been devised by Early Years teacher and founder of One Hundred Toys, Alexis Ralphs. It’s packed full of age-appropriate activities and fun.

Is Summer Camp right for me?

  • I believe it's better to be prepared
  • I want to get ready for school in a fun and pressure-free way
  • ​I enjoy doing activities with my child but don’t have the time for complicated set-ups
  • ​I encourage my child to be independent
  • ​I believe in learning through play

What members are saying about Get Set Five

Hundreds of parents have already been through the course. Here is what they have to say:
I’m a primary school teacher too (although I haven’t been back for a while whilst raising my own children) and I absolutely love your website and your articles. I only wish I’d discovered you before having children so that my eldest (now 8.5) could have benefitted from it all too.
I have found your emails so helpful. It has given me structure and focus to my weeks. As you say, you only need to dip in and out, as play and getting out to the woods are so important. Soon it won’t be possible except after school.
We are loving get set five and have seen a huge amount of progress in my daughter. We find her cuisinaire rods all laid out in order in the morning where she has sat up after bed doing them. It’s so wonderful to see her initiating so much learning by us just placing a basket of kit there.
Thanks for this email, the resources page is absolutely brilliant. I've been trying to get into this type of play learning with my kids but haven't known where to start or what age to do these things, and this page has completely cleared it up and made me feel confident. I can't wait for the rest of the course.
 Just a quick note to say how thankful I am for the "pickup-ability" of this course. My homeschooling efforts have fallen by the wayside for weeks now as we navigate the various disruptions of preparing for an international move (selling our house, downsizing, etc), and I've felt so crummy about it. Today in those blissful 10 minutes of "wait time" between nursing my 22 month old to sleep and being able to leave the room, I decided to read the Week 24: Cooking email despite being woefully behind on the rest of the course... and rather than make me feel like I'd never catch up, it inspired me to go back out to my 5 year old and immediately invite her to make toast with peanut butter and jam (which she spread herself), and then we baked banana bread. Thank you for your welcoming, no-nonsense writing style and your deep understanding of the everyday grind of parenting, and for helping me find a bit of footing today. 
I just wanted to say thank you for the 'Get Set Five' emails. When I found out about the course I choked up because it was exactly what I needed but didn't think was out there.

[Even though] I am also a teacher, I am learning so much from each email.
Thank you for the emails. They are really insightful and are giving me confidence in preparing my son for school next year.

7-day money-back guarantee

Email us anytime in the first 7 days for a full refund.

How much is it?

Summer Camp is a daily email newsletter that runs for a fortnight. It includes 9 bonus modules plus Future Camp, a collection of additional materials to go through in your own time once the course has ended.

Billed once
  • 14 daily emails
  • 9 bonus modules
  • Future camp
  • Money-back guarantee