5 Plus

A course for children over 5

Keep screen time to a minimum with five years' worth of fun and free activities for your child to explore and enjoy.

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"I just wanted to say thank you for the 'Get Set Five' emails. When I found out about the course I choked up because it was exactly what I needed but didn't think was out there.

[Even though] I am also a teacher, I am learning so much from each email."


5 years of fun

Do you have a child over five?

Is it a struggle to keep screen time down over the weekends and holidays?

5 Plus is a monthly series that runs for five years. Each month I’ll send you an email packed full of activities. As you’ve now come to expect from 100 Toys, there will also be a little theory. I want to give you the confidence to come up with your own ideas and knowing the developmental drivers behind your child's interests will help you to do this. 

The primary school years are the time when your child learns to think in more abstract terms. She goes from manipulating objects in her hands to imagining how she might transform them in her head. She learns to co-operate, to predict, to form lines of inquiry and to work on self-directed projects. 

It’s an interesting time!

Your role is to plant the seed of an idea and to step back and watch it grow. 

I’ll also give you guidance on how to help with school work. This isn’t a homeschool curriculum but we’ll explore some of the broader themes as we go.

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