Start school happy

Starting school should be fun

Do you have a preschooler? 

Would you like them to develop some key skills before starting school?

How wonderful to go in on that first day feeling like you belong.

What is Get Set Five?

Get Set Five is a week-by-week plan to get your child ready for school.

A readymade plan

The planning is done for you. There’s no need to decide what to do this week: it simply arrives in your inbox every week. No special resources, no time-consuming set-ups.

Manageable steps

Easy-to-do activities delivered via email in manageable, weekly chunks.

The activities build upon each other until your child has all the skills they need.

Essential skills

It’s tempting to focus on numbers and letters. But a happy start depends as much on being able to dress yourself, use a knife and fork and having a positive attitude.


Three simple steps

Get the newsletter

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Simple activities delivered to your inbox

No fluff, just sensible advice and ready-to-go activities 


Start school happy

Watch it all fall into place on that first day

It's not about being ahead or behind

It’s about getting the basics right, in a fun and pressure-free way. For example, how learning to draw a stick man will help your child to write her name or how pairing socks can encourage early maths.

Not for helicopter parents

Get Set Five! is not about hothousing. It’s about making a happy start. It’s about feeling ‘suitable’.

A fundamental goal of a school-start transition is to help young children feel suitable in school, that is, to have a feeling of well-being and belonging.

Stig Brostrom, Educationalist

Know that you're doing it right

Stop wasting time Googling activities

Is this activity any good? Will it help my child? How can I be sure? With Get Set Five! it’s all taken care of. Sit back and enjoy your week. The next instalment will arrive automatically.

Take the guesswork out of learning

Get Set Five has been devised by Early Years teacher and founder of One Hundred Toys, Alexis Ralphs. It’s packed full of age-appropriate activities and fun.

Is Get Set Five right for me?

  • I believe it’s better to be prepared
  • I want to get ready for school in a fun and pressure-free way
  • I enjoy doing activities with my child but don’t have the time for complicated set-ups
  • I encourage my child to be independent
  • I believe in learning through play

30-day money-back guarantee

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How much is it?

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